Volume 2:

Production Production


yellowfields second volume Production Production explores the labours of production which manifests itself through physical and emotional experience from societal pulls of feminism, economy, race and sustainability.

Features artist texts;

  • Reciprocity by Jade Montserrat,
  • The Visitor by Freya Dooley,
  • Material as Labour. Labour as Value. by Jo Lathwood,
  • (driver’s seat and skin merge) by Harriet Bowman
  • Pulled together through the commissioned essay Production Production by artist and writer Ellen Wilkinson.

    An online symposium host in partnership with Eastside Projects was held on 24 October, 2:30 - 5pm. Click here to download the event programme including biographies and a reading list.

    During the event, Jo Lathwood and Ellen Wilkinson discussed Lathwood’s new work focused on making art sustainably. This was screen-printed with sustainable materials with space to add ideas, images here. Visit Jo Lathwood’s website for full details. Additional contributions from participants shared and discussed in the event are listed here:

  • Design work to allow for re-use.
  • Respect all resources required for the production of your work - materials, energy, labour
  • Acknowledge that these ways of thinking are *not new* Indigenous knowledge is where we should start.
  • Data and online environments are linked to physical server space. Take care to manage the data you horde.
  • Collaborate with sustainable companies for the fabrication of new work
  • Use as little water as possible with your process.
  • Listen to your body; Ensure moments of rest; And Breathe
  • Considering Collaborators : Authorship and Consent
  • Seek new platforms and sites for presenting/connecting/conversation
  • Consider how artworks travel to their destination from where they were made
  • Re-adapt and re-arrange your work
  • Consider social sustainability - are people's rights being upheld? Are wages fair?
  • Making work as a kind of meditation, to look after yourself, helping you to heal and be more in touch with ourselves and the planet
  • Call on art material producers/ companies to make the material ecological and ethical
  • With thanks to contributors, Sarah Strachan, Yas Lime, Rupi Dhillon, Sarah Taylor Silverwood, Rupi Dhillon, Veronique Chance, Carol laidler, Fran Wilde, Mary Trapp, Jennifer Dudley, Joana Cifre Cerda, Brenda Hickin.